About Me

Hello . . thanks for dropping by ! 

My two occupations are TEFL teaching and photography, and although Corona has put a damper on both of these this year, I’ve still been able to teach English in Italy, Austria and Germany . . and snap photos along the way :)

I’m lucky that I have friends scattered about Europe who are good enough to put me up whenever I pass through, which gives me the opportunity to photograph them, and their friends and family.


My passion is the unposed, spontaneous moment, be it serious, funny, sublime or ridiculous, (to quote Shirley Baker).

What is it about children that is so photogenic and captivating ?? 


Gosh, it’s an endless list. No bad hair days, unselfconscious, wild, hearts on their sleeves, spontaneous, hilarious, vulnerable, wide-eyed wondrous, curious, innocent, serious, playful . . . all on top of each other.

And then in a flash, they grow up - and toddlers that I photographed decades ago, now have children of their own !

I lived in California for almost 25 years, 19 in San Francisco and the last 6 in a tiny community about 160 miles north. I get back once a year or so, and catch up with some of the parents that I photographed as children.


Now, as then, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the expressions on their faces, when I present them with the results of a day’s photography.